Music producer and creator of PERMANENTLY OFF Records /2007/, based in Bulgaria/Sofia.
Lived in Germany 1986-1990, first touch with electronic music was the Love Parade 1989.Returning back in Bulgaria beginning the 90’s feels the borningTechno culture in BG. In the 2000’s traveled to Italy and remain the next 9 years there.The Squatting culture was the sublime moment. All Rave and Illegal parties was the moment in who directed his attention to hardware instruments. From this moment everything it’s played only with hardware.First 9 track’s were ready in 2007-2009. Supporter of Teknival Culture.


Punk or Rave ‘ 2020
Permanently Off ‘ 2020
Sofia Techno Militia ‘ 2014
Elfor ‘ 2014
Hardware True ‘ 2013
Thank you Germany ‘ 2012
Not for Paranoids ‘ 2012
Mashine Lingo ‘ 2012
Retro ‘ 2011
Doktor X ‘ 2011
Experimenting with my self ‘ 2010
Green Love ‘ 2010
Back to the Acid ‘ 2010
Global Madnes ‘ 2009

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В света, в който аз живея
съществуването ми е скръбно, но
мечтата не умира.